The Commonsense Solution That Protects All Parties

Become A Verity One Pass Licensed Professional


  • Compliance requirements are different for businesses and governments (on various levels).  The Verity One Pass offers simple (yet state-of-the-art) “green/red” compliance metrics that satisfy all requirements

  • The business or government will know only that the individual is compliant (their pass is green).  The “why” as to how the individual is compliant is never shared and remains the private information of the individual  

  • The patient proof is validated and authenticated by a licensed professional.  The proof remains the private information of the individual and is NEVER shared with the business or the government entity  

  • Verity One provides turn-key support to Doctors and other licensed professionals

  • The authenticity of all patient proof is achieved using bank-grade technology


An Individual’s Pass Can Be Green (The Patient Is Complaint) In A Number Of Different Ways:


  1. Proof of Vaccine - 1 shot, 2 shots, 2 shots, and booster

  2. Proof of Covid Recovery plus Vaccine

  3. Proof of Covid Recovery

  4. Proof of negative test within the prescribed time period 

  5. Proof of medical exception

  6. Proof of religious exemption

  The Proof Of Compliance Is Simple

An individual’s pass shows only the patient’s picture and “shows green” meaning the patient is compliant with local regulations and with venue policies.  


The Verity One Pass Provides A NON-Government Solution

  Verity One is on the Front Line with a PRIVATE NON-Government Solution for providing proof of compliance with local regulations and with venue policies.  Verity One is “vaccine neutral” in that the offering of this service does not promote the vaccine nor does it discourage the receipt of the vaccine


An Individual’s Personal Health Information Remains Private

ANY and ALL  verified data which is stored into the Verity ONE PASS VAULT is the PERSONAL DATA OF THE INDIVIDUAL. It is the choice of the individual whether they wish to share that information with the party requesting it.  The privacy of the information is protected through the very latest in blockchain technology and the information is not a part of a “master” or government database

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